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Association Insight’s Data Empowers Users To:

Expand their network with access to 249,616 association professionals at more than 23,959 of the largest national and regional associations.


Leverage advanced searching capabilities to segment by staff size, membership size, revenue, expenditures, in addition to a range of event and geographical criteria.


Recruit top talent from the association industry with the ability to search by more than 20 job role segments.


Avoid costly and time-consuming internet research that is often out of date. Association Insight is updated daily.


Access compensation data for CEOs and others in leadership positions.


Benchmark and research better with fast access to 990 financial reporting allowing you to see detailed breakouts of organizations: Revenue - Expenses - Assets - Liabilities.

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    Image of a desktop computer displaying the power of Association Insight and its data on associations, advanced search capabilities, and access to compensation data for CEOs and leadership positions.

    See Association Insight In Action

    Unlike other tools, Association Insight’s data spans across various association sectors, offering more than just contact data. Markedly, we provide compensation data for CEOs and other leadership roles as well as detailed financial reporting, giving you a comprehensive view of the association industry and detailed insight into a specific organization.

    Better yet, we will guide you through every aspect of our database, search through thousands of association professionals, their budgets, meeting schedules, staff size, and more.

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